Will the real slim shady please stand up?

Guess who’s back, back again.

[or really to most, if not all of you, hello & nice to meet you. You make a great first impression: quiet, able to work an Internet search engine & still reading as we approach the fourth sentence. Really, bravo.]

I say this because on the real, no one read my last blog. Except my mom. And some dude from Oklahoma….hey Pete. How’s the hair restoration going? [Well, I don’t know, doesn’t Pete sound like the name of a middle-aged balding man?]

Ah, there I go on a meaningless tangent, which won’t be the last, fair warning.

For those of you still scrolling…

Hi! I’m Paige.

You can call me Paige, because that’s what my friends call me.

I am finally starting a blog again! [I sh*t you not, I just rolled my eyes at myself as I wrote those words. Oh really? This is a blog? You’re kidding, I thought it was the pizza delivery website with the free coupon for a medium two topping and a liter of Mountain Dew (But hey, that could just be me, since I’m the girl that walked by the Pizza Hut earlier today and considered not going in a very big accomplishment).

I digress again.
I am a recent (wellreallyitsbeenayearbutIsayrecentbecauseitsoundsbetter) college grad with a direction that has led me to three random jobs, a broken back bumper on my 2009 sedan and zero dollars in my bank account. Adulting is proving to be very successful so far. Not only do I enjoy dried mangos, disney channel original movies and hugging strangers’ dogs on the street, but in my (ample) spare time lately, I LOVE to craft.

Because of this, I can finally say that my string art Etsy shop, PAIGEMADE, will be launching when I get back to America in October (more on that “getting back to the U.S.” thing in a second).
You get the name of the blog now don’t you? Eh? Super creative and out there name on my part, right? But luckily it is sarcastically simple, a little bit lame, and straight to the point, juuust like me, so I Tim Gunn-ed the damn thing.

So here I am (no joke) in Nice, France, right on the southern coast, and I figured it was a good time to start my online diahrrea-of-the-mouth before I get home and continue my lifestyle blog, kickstart my business and (hopefully) produce less anxiety-induced stomach acid.

Aren’t I a treat?

There is much more where that came from.

So let us review:
I am abroad (& psychotically lucky I might add, considering living with Jen has allowed me to country-hop across Europe), I managed to find a domain name & scraped together enough courage to take the blogger leap, I am abroad until October (attempting to do 6 in 6) and finally, in truth, I am really stoked about this.

There you have it, the only serious statement you will see here, so drink in the moment before I say something like butt sweat or snot rocket.
Hey Mom! You’re proably regretting not putting me into cotillion circa 2003 about now huh? You win some you lose some.

So until tomorrow (when you will get actual stories about my first few days in Nice, France — including sugar cube sports & french proposals) I will bid you all a bon nuit!

Sleep tight, and don’t let the Kanye bugs bite.



  1. Hey PeeWee (yes that is her real name)!
    Always sharing your adventures in my heart and so happy for the opportunities you have created for yourself. Did you home this incredible sense of sarcasm and wit while in prison (inside joke)?
    Love you and can’t wait to follow the rainbow of life you are sharing with me!
    Au revoir my P!


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